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Stair Supplies

Stair Warehouse is committed to bringing you the best in Stair Supplies. We believe in delivering the best in stair supplies design and understand how important great service is. That is why we stand behind our products and deliver them with the same care and respect we take to create them.

Stair supplies from Stair Warehouse has been designed and crafted to add an inviting and appealing element to your home. The different types we carry are developed with excellent craftsmanship and care so that not only will your stair supplies be elegant and classic but also structurally sound.

We create stair supplies from quality woods like Brazilian Cherry and Mahogany to ensure your safety but also to ensure your stair supplies is visually appealing. It is the final detail of a stair supplies that will make your home charming and ideal.

Here are just a few examples of the many stair supplies that we carry. Visit our online Stair Supplies store for a complete list of products.

Stair Supplies

Stair Supplies

Stair Supplies - 3021 1" Tapered Plug
These stair supplies are 1" tapered plug accessories that comes with a Red Oak, Poplar, Brazilian Cherry, Soft Maple, Amercian Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, Beech, or Hickory finish.

Stair Supplies - 7027 Oval Rosette
These stair supplies are rosettes which are for terminating handrails into walls and is an elegant way to attach wall rail brackets to the wall. Available in Red Oak, Poplar, Beech, White Oak, Soft Maple, American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba), Genuine Mahogany, Hickory and Walnut.

Stair Supplies - 901 Rail Bolt Fastener
These stair supplies are Rail-Bolt Wrenches for installing Rail-Bolts (item 3079) Automatically threads nuts. Includes rubberband assembly.

Stair Supplies - 7029 Scroll Stair Bracket
These stair supplies are classic scroll stair brackets that are for finishing the skirt of an open stair stringer.

Stair Supplies - 3008-10 Sure-Tite Newel Mounting Kit
These stair supplies are 3008-10 Lag Bolt Newel Mounting Kits that include 11" Lag Bolts, Red Oak and Maple 1" Plugs. Uses floor joinsts for support. No need for mortising or coping trim.

Stair Supplies - Sure Tite Newel Fastener
Sure-Tite Newel Mounting Kit has stair supplies such as a 10 3/4" Lag Bolt Mounting Kit with Oak and Maple Plugs.

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"You/Your company were EXACTLY what I was looking for in an Internet stair supply company. Your response time was excellent, your prices were great, your selection was better than others and your e-mails were prompt and helpful."

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